Shock Wave Therapy

A Safe, and Natural Way to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

  • No Needles

  • No Pills

  • No Surgery

  • No Pain

Shock Wave Therapy, or sometimes referred to as Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy, is a medical therapy that focuses low intensity sound waves into the penis to cure erectile dysfunction. This therapy breaks up micro calcifications in small vessels allowing better blood flow and actually stimulates growth of new vessels. 

Shock Wave Therapy for ED is an office-based procedure and is not covered by health insurance. The treatment takes about 20 minutes and does not involve needles, surgery or the use of any drugs. It is totally painless, and there is no downtime post treatment. In a 10 year  medical follow up study, no side effects have been reported. This treatment is safe and is totally non-invasive.


Usually a series of treatments are needed to cure ED. I recommend for my patients to have two treatments per week for three weeks. Most men see an improvement in their erections after six sessions. Men who were using Viagra before found that they no longer needed any medication after Shock Wave Treatment. Men with severe forms of ED and who have had no response to using Viagra in the past, found this treatment effective. Shockwave therapy is effective in about 75% of men with ED, and the effectiveness of this therapy can last several years. This data has been documented in published medical studies in both Europe and the USA.



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